A Life Lesson

“I shouldn’t have showered with those kids.”
— Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky,
to Bob Costas on NBC’s “Rock Center”

Far be it for me to start throwing around pronunciations from the mount, but I think it’s safe to say there’s never a point in anyone’s life where they’re going to get disagreed with if they say “I shouldn’t have showered with those kids.”

Feels like a pretty safe assessment of a situation, no matter the situation. I dare say that it should be the last thing one considers before getting into a shower with kids. Not that towel slapping and soap fights aren’t a ton of fun and all.

Oh, and hey, good thing nobody rushed to judgment on assistant coach Mike McQueary’s involvement in the whole thing. If there’s one thing we can be sure about, it’s that at this point in time, we have absolutely every fact surrounding the case available to us and must immediately rush to judgment on the character of all involved.

Also a safe assessment: Baseball fans have a far worse whole picture of who Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos is than they probably should. His terribleness appears to be limited to franchise running.

(I apologize to Dan Duquette for squeezing this reference to him at the bottom of a post about child abuse. Given he’s spent much of the past decade running a youth camp, I’d rather no one get any ideas.)

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  1. Nick says:

    Seriously, though, everyone at Penn State should be fired. And they’re about 1/3 of the way there, so it’s a start.

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