Classics, When You Lose

Today’s Moment in Card Collecting: Upper Deck, in what’s a pretty solid move compared to the current trend of hacking jerseys to pieces and shoving them in cards, is running a “Day With The Cup” insert in this year’s hockey packs.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be idling rifling through pictures of hockey players and stumble across this beefcake?

Tuukka Rask - Upper Deck 2011-12

From Savonlinna, Finland. They have a 20.5 percent municipal tax rate there. Thanks, Wikipedia!

I really hope he’s wearing pants.

You Can’t Work Out Anywhere Harder: Spied just off Route 146 on the northwest side of Providence, I give you The Maxx Fitness Clubzz. The “Club Locator” tool, when you have one location, is a nice touch.

I assume this is like when municipalities had to add to the length of their phone numbers due to increased usage … our nation’s fatness can no longer be cured by just one foreign consonant added to the end of words, which can only mean good things for my dream of “erupts” being formally changed to “errupts.”

Doesn’t it just feel more violent? Get on it, Webster’s.

Friday’s Bruins loss to Detroit was the sort of game that gets talked about for years, and will help establish an attempted television tradition into an actual one. (Think about how good the first Winter Classic was.) Even if the home team lost, it featured some of the sport’s best playing at a high level, back-and-forth action to the final gun and performances that turn people into hockey fans.

Also, Rene Rancourt was there, doing Rene Rancourt things*.

Rene Rancourt - Nov. 25, 2011

"Oh, hey! That's why my hand felt so heavy!"

* — “Rene Rancourt things” also include being noticeably off-time with the organ music by the end. Not that being so critical is really the point … we’re a forgiving region with off-court icons. Hell, the Patriots radio team is several years removed from even sniffing its prime — please note this post was written in *2007* — and no one really appears to have a significant problem with them continuing until they die in the booth.

Part of that, I’ve long felt, the woeful lack of anyone screaming out as a suitable replacement, but whatever. I’ll deal with a handful of misidentified receivers and “caught … no, dropped”s every week, given the at-hand regional alternatives.

Unrelated, this is crotching.

Rich Peverley - Nov. 25, 2011

Technically, it's roughing. Ed Olczyk asking if Rich Peverley got to "carve any turkey" on the holiday was a nice touch, as a "wishbone" reference would have been a little much.


  1. Kurt B. says:

    I wonder how many sports cards have ever shown their subject naked?
    That might be a first, right thurr.

  2. Mark says:

    So was I hearing things yesterday, or have they introduced a third guy into the Patriots radio coverage? Every once in a while someone I didn’t recognize would chime in, a la Tony Siragusa. That or I wasn’t paying that much attention and Gino actually said something cogent and I was surprised.

    1. JonCoochBU says:

      That would be Scott Zolak, who contributes a good eye to the proceedings.

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