The Moose Played For The Moose

The Bruins, In Brief: Tuesday night’s Bruins game was about as exciting as one could expect for a game in November, and for one that didn’t feature what happened in their previous game:

Ryan Miller, Milan Lucic - Nov. 12, 2011

A little goalie running never hurt anyone. Except, perhaps, the goalie who got the concussion. (Icon Sports Media)

Excellent play in goal, end-to-end action, several lead changes and a Bruins victory. Also, we were sitting next to a girl who actually knew and gave a crap about the game she was watching, which was a definite plus. (She became very angry at Johan Hedberg for playing so well midway through the third period.)

She also unleashed this soliloquy toward the end of the evening:

“The other night, Mike and I went to the Purple Shamrock. They wouldn’t let him in because they said he was too drunk, but they let me in and I was totally more drunk than he was.”

I am far too entertained by stories like these. Also, no bar that hosts as many drunk college kids as the Purple Shamrock should have a Web site this organized. Damn you, Glynn Hospitality Group.

• Since I’m now looking at the above mentioned umbrella site, I should point out it’s not terribly surprising that Jose McIntyre’s is “the city’s ONLY Irish-Mexican restaurant and bar.” That sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch come to life.

Logo-wise, however, Loco Leprechaun in the Cleveland suburbs appears to have better captured the dash of racism I would expect from such a sketch.

“The actual restaurant felt warehousey and sterile, not like a pub or cantina. It felt more like a storefront in a strip mall with murals of Leprechauns wearing sombreros painted by a Kent Stater busing tables over the summer. We also found little cards on all the tables telling us to ‘ice your friends.’ The slogan, accompanied by photos of hambones drinking Smirnoff Ice, had recently entered our world, but we weren’t sure exactly what it meant. … Basically, hambones make other hambones drink Smirnoff Ice to humiliate each other when in public. Loco Leprechaun is that sort of place. Yeah.”
— From Yelp review of ‘Loco Leprechaun,’ dated Jan. 10, 2011

The next review is literally all about farts.

Irish-Mexican has a long way to go from displacing my favorite ridiculous fusion cuisine, however … Chinese-Mexican, frequently sampled in the Herald thanks to the building’s proximity to Lee Chen’s of South Boston. I don’t eat there often, but I’m told their General Tso’s burrito is very good.

Also, it’s light years better than the Chinese-Mexican that briefly opened in Whale City. It marked one of the few times in my life I’ve simply thrown a meal out rather than trying to eat it … it should be a rule that if you’re going to try and combine the cuisines of two cultures, you should be somewhere near competent at executing one of them.

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  1. Matt says:

    That picture makes it look like Lucic slammed Miller in the face with his stick.

    Of course, the media is reacting as if that’s what he actually did, so there ya go.

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