Article Archive

I am in the process of rebuilding this page in WordPress while also attempting to verify the authenticity of the nearly 1,000 links to stories I’ve written during my time with The Standard-Times. (Despite leaving my full-time post in September 2010 after more than eight years, they’re still not rid of me.)

For the time being, here is the link to my S-T story archive, built lovingly in my straight HTML coding days, updated story by story through the years and just about as good as it ever was. Due to some redesigns on the newspaper side, I can’t speak to the accuracy of all the links prior to 2006, with an alarming number of stories on both sides of that eaten by the machines along the way. (I’m not happy, as much with myself as anyone else.) Depending on availability and initiative, I may scan in hard copies of those pieces, especially since a couple of them were pretty good by my standards.

Additionally, there’s a whole ton of other Red Sox coverage I’ve done at Better Red Than Dead. Somehow, “whole ton” feels insufficient given the number of hours invested there.

Given my history, I expect the new page to be done sometime close to never. What can I say? I’m honest to a fault.