The Early Years (2001-09)

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The Travelogues
Coast to Coast — Aug. 17-29, 2001
From Burbank to Ogunquit, Maine, in 7 days. (Basically.) As trips and writeups go, the gold standard.

Cooch in the Canaries — March 1-9, 2002
Spring breaaaaak! (Though with more elderly naked Brits and camels than yours had.)

Crashing California — Dec. 29, 2002, to Jan. 2, 2003
New Year’s, three hours after I’m used to celebrating it. Thanks again to Mavis Leno.

Vegas. — July 10-14, 2003
My first trip to Las Vegas was for a nerd convention. As a nerd, it was a blast.

Wandering West — July 29-Aug. 6, 2004
Combined trip to L.A. and Las Vegas. My unfinished symphony, posted for the first time.

This site existed as a straight HTML coding adventure for the vast majority of its history. Begun in the summer of 2001 during the months before my senior year at Boston University, it was conceived to be an opportunity for me to hone my writing chops by having to sit down, every day, and produce something for people to read.

It became something far more fun than that, among other things.

There was a period when I genuinely thought my life involved something interesting enough each day to get by. That may have been true in college, but it certainly isn’t now. Fortunately, the world’s bar for what is interesting enough to waste time on has dropped considerably since then.

The site was archived by the month, with no real way to link one individual post from another. Thus, above is what stands as an archive. The vast majority of image links should still be operational, but I obviously can’t vouch much for any external links.

For those interested, I made 2,457 posts (by my count) from May 22, 2001, to Oct. 11, 2009, posting more or less once a day from September of ’01 to February of ’08. Along the way, I covered six Red Sox playoff runs, four ALCS Game 7s, two World Series and two Bruins Game 7s, among other highlights. (Also, graduation! Real world! Courtship! Marriage!) As times to blather go, I picked a pretty good stretch.